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Did You Know?

The original Buffalo wings were invented at The Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York to satisfy the late-night hunger of the owners son and some friends.

The restaurant opened in 1935 but did not invent the Buffalo wing until 1964.

The Anchor Bar is located at 1047 Main at North St. in Buffalo New York.

My Best Chicken Wing Recipe

Alright, here it is. Remember this is what I consider my best recipe for making wings at home. All based upon experience. If you are not sure why I am doing it as described here then look back at the other pages within this web site. Otherwise just follow the instructions and enjoy what are likely the best hot wings you'll ever have at home!

Instructions - Deep Fryer
Look into the fryers bottom? Can you see it through the oil? If not change your oil. If you can and the bottom is filled with crumbs and like from past frying extravaganzas then strain the oil into a large part and clean out the fryer. All the debris in the bottom will prevent the oil from heating efficiently and could result in greasy wings. With the fryer clean and oil filled, plug it in so it can begin heating.

Breading the Wings (only if deep frying)
I bread my wings using the double dip method. This means I dip the wing into the flour, then into the liquid and then back into the flour. Here is my breading recipe:

2 Cups of White Flour
3 Eggs
2 Tbsp of Milk

That will do a large package of wings. Add more if you need to.

I pour the flour into one mixing bowl. Then I crack the egg into another mixing bowl and add the milk. I'll stir the milk and egg to combine them.

Next I get out TWO pie plates. I dip each wing into the flour mixture and then place it on the first pie plate. After they have all been dipped once I dip each into the milk/egg mixture and then place it on the second pie plate. Finally, I dip each back into the flour and back onto the first plate again. Tip: only use one hand for the dipping. Keep the other clean.

Frying the Wings
If you plan on frying good for you! Otherwise proceed to the next paragraph on baking your wings. Also refer to the Baking or Frying page for more information on frying. Key here is to not add so many wings that it takes a long time for the oil to start bubbling and steaming intensely again. If you have not overloaded the fryer your wings should be done in about 12 minutes. If you have a meat thermometer you can insert it into the meatier part of the drumette and ensure the internal temperature has reached 160 °F.

Baking the Wings
Using the middle oven rack bake the wings on a parchment-lined pan at 400°F for 30 min. until crispy.

Saucing the Wings
You really should have a large stainless steel mixing bowl for this part. If not, make do with what you have. Place the wings into the bowl and then pour a quantity of sauce over the wings. Remember you want to coat the wings but not soak them. You worked hard to bread them and we want that to stay somewhat crisp. Too much sauce and you'll ruin that.

I have a rounded spatula - kind of like a big rubber spoon really - that I use to toss the wings in the sauce. I do this gently as I don't want to be knocking the breading off.

Serving the Wings
Place the wings on a large platter and pile celery and carrot sticks all around or wherever you like. Serve with traditional blue cheese or ranch style dressing.