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The original Buffalo wings were invented at The Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York to satisfy the late-night hunger of the owners son and some friends.

The restaurant opened in 1935 but did not invent the Buffalo wing until 1964.

The Anchor Bar is located at 1047 Main at North St. in Buffalo New York.

Welcome Chicken Wing Lovers!! Welcome Hot Chicken Wing Lovers!!

best hot chicken wingsI recall in my formative years hearing about those old enough to drink frequenting establishments around Buffalo, New York to consume massive quantities of cold beer and chicken wings. The thought of both the beer and the spicy hot chicken wings appealed to me. So much so that it has become a bit of a life-long pursuit.

My recipe for homemade chicken wings has changed numerous times over the years. However the one I'll share with you here has been the one I've stuck to for over a decade. Incidentally I've been making chicken wings for over 20 years.

Is this chicken wing recipe good? Almost everyone who has tried it has given me positive reviews. I'm confident you will enjoy it too!

On this site not only will I share with you my best recipe for chicken wings but also some of my insight gained from making chicken wings at home for so long. I'll discuss:

Breaded or Naked Chicken Wings - Should you put breading on your wings prior to frying or just throw them straight in naked?

Baking or Frying Chicken Wings - What is the best way to go? I'll tell you my preference.

Sauce for Chicken Wings - Less of a mystery here than you might think.

And finally...

My Best Chicken Wing Recipe EVER!!

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